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On a final, and personal, note to all of my collegues and fellow TBTLA trial lawyers as my term draws to an end . . . .


It has been an absolute pleasure to serve as your President this year and I have enjoyed myself immensely.  The Holiday party a year ago at the Aquarium that began my year seems like it was ages ago – but the time has passed faster than I thought it would.  I have enjoyed the challenges of this year and I am incredibly thankful for all the support and help so many of you have provided to me this year.  Your kind words and encouragement throughout the year have been much appreciated and very humbling.  Thanks to everyone in hanging in there this year throught our troubling times and stresses of the pandemic. 


A special thanks to all of my partners at Wagner McLaughlin, P.A. that have supported me, and a special shout out of thanks to my wife, Debbie, who has put up with me and at the same time provided more help and support than many will ever know (it is never fun to plan a Gala that never happens!).  I was also fortunate to have our new executive director, Laura Wright, who found herself in a far different world than she was promised, but rose to the occasion to get us through the pandemic by orchestrating our Zoom CLEs, keeping sponsors engaged, and helping us to re-invent the web page and its usefullness to TBTLA.


High fives to all!


We will have our usual and customary peaceful transfer of power on December 18.  Bill Daniel is your next President.  He has been incredibly supportive and helpful to me throught my tenure (and before) and I am sure that he will be a superb President for us all.  Please give him every measure of supprt and encouragement that you have given me.  We are not out of the woods yet and won’t be for some time.


Thank-you all for a great year.