Welcome 2021 TBTLA Board of Directors

Posted By: William Daniel TBTLA News,

Please join me in Welcoming the 2021 TBTLA Board of Directors


I want to thank Alan Wagner for his stellar leadership and successful efforts to pilot TBTLA through an unprecedented year.  I asked Alan to extend his term for another year, but he graciously declined.  The good news is that he will continue to serve on the Board and provide his counsel and advice.

 The new 2021 Board is as follows:

                 President - William Daniel

                President Elect - Michael Zaritsky

                Immediate Past President - Alan Wagner

                Treasurer - Stephen Barnes

                Secretary – Anthony D. Martino

                Program Director - Brook Nutter

                Director - Brent Bigger

                Director – Tatiana Boohoff

                Director - Felipe Fulgencio

                Director - Bob Joyce

                Director - Brent Steinberg

                Director - Mike Trentlange

                Director - Jason Whittemore

 Thank you and we look forward to serving you.

Best Regards,